Covid-19 has changed the educational landscape – and that includes access to board training. As International schools around the world adapt to the changing demands placed on them, boards must also adapt so that they can better anticipate the challenges and make the right decisions that will chart the direction for the school. When boards face some of their most challenging circumstances, it is easy to lose sight of the strategic nature of governance and for any new trustees joining the board it can prove very difficult to find the time to have a proper induction into the roles and responsibilities of the board. Covid-19 imposed international travel restrictions and associated high costs can create one more excuse for not investing in board training and yet this is exactly the time when school boards need to refocus on their long term responsibilities. The Board Essentials series of videos provides trustees with “just in time learning” opportunities to gain additional perspectives on their roles as well as the chance to reflect on effective board strategies. Only through having all trustees working from a common platform will schools really be positioned to emerge from the initial chaos of Covid-19 and develop strategies to successfully navigate the challenging economic times ahead.

Please note that the video series is in the process of transitioning to an online app and is not available as a package at this time.