Frequently Asked Questions

The group enrolment works out significantly cheaper per seat than purchasing individual access, and also the whole point of the series is to provide a common platform of understanding for all trustees, so that you can build on this to develop your board’s competency. 

No problem,… the school administrator (whether that was the Head or some other administrator at the time of signing up the school) simply changes the list of participants (board members) and adds any new trustees etc. Any problems, contact us.

Most users are signed up within a school group, and as such only group enrolments have been created.

All the videos are secured and only accessible to registered users, and can’t be copied or links sent to other people.

The videos present plain-language descriptions of typical challenges and successful strategies to help boards.  While based on research and many years of experience, the content has been designed to be relevant, applicable and easy to understand.  There are dozens of superbly written books about boards and governance, but they rarely get read by the people that matter – the trustees!

Trustees or the board would usually instruct the school administration to process a payment for group enrolment.  One person (could be the Head of School for example) typically acts as the school administrator to manage the access for the trustees.  This can be done through providing a code when registering or by managing each of the trustees through an admin-panel.

It is possible to pay using Paypal or by sending a bank transfer.  Schools should contact us to discuss the number of seat licences and the cost so that an invoice may be sent to the school for payment.  Once the payment has been confirmed, then we will release the group access to the school’s board.

The Board Essentials series provides a basis for growth.  The Chair or Head of School should contact us to set up a discussion so that we can better understand your particular needs and build an appropriate programme around your needs.