Board Essentials
Board Induction
Tailored Solutions
Head Recruitment

The Online Board Essentials training can be offered in-school or virtually (as a covid-viable and lower cost alternative).  
The training sessions would be tailored to the specific needs of the group and active training would include elements of information sharing so that a common understanding can be reached about the board’s roles and responsibilities, as well as activities to engage trustees in dialogue to add perspective and relevance for the training.  A typical full day would be broken into the following sessions:
Roles and Responsibilities
Fiduciary Responsibilities
Strategic Thinking
Effective Governance
Head-Board Relationship
Avoiding Cognitive Bias and Essential Agreements

Skillset Development for Board Chairs
For those trustees new to the role of Chair, we offer either a half-day online workshop that focuses on the core skills required to be successful, or the opportunity for bespoke training or mentorship. The aim of these is to provide you with the insight into your pivotal role, how to be effective as chair and strategies for managing meetings and challenging situations.

New Trustees have a steep learning curve.  Depending what experience they have of being on a board, knowing how schools operate or have personal or corporate specialist knowledge, new board members still have a great deal of understanding to consume before they have the bigger picture required to be an effective trustee.  The Trustee Induction programme is designed as a half-day fully online training experience for board members so that they can spend time in a one to one session that takes them through the roles and responsibilities of trustees.  All too often the process of a thorough induction is missed, which leads to confused roles and, worse yet, mixed messages or micromanaging.  This half-day training ensures that the duties of the board are explained and in turn leads to accelerating the impact trustees can have on the board.

What are your needs?
Many international school boards are in different stages of maturity and even the most established boards can benefit from an outside perspective or facilitator for specific needs. When schools boards face challenges, such as when looking to refocus on the school’s mission or strategic planning, then please get in contact to see how we may be able to tailor a custom programme for your particular needs.

Head of School Recruitment
Preparing for the transition of the Head of School can be a daunting task for the board, and whether the departure is planned or unplanned, there are still important considerations that need to be taken into account. Obviously there are agencies that will take care of the whole process of shortlisting and vetting candidates, but for those school boards that wish to handle the process themselves, we can work with you to help guide you through this critical process. Please do use the contact form to get in touch so that we may start some dialogue to better understand your needs.